Danni Keane                          

DanniAge: 20, Junior

Position (and how long you’ve had it): VPP, three months… I’ve been on since I was a freshmen though!
Major: Political Science & Economics
Why you joined: To make friendsss :)
Your favorite thing about SUPB: All the snacks and movies and friends and prizes and fun

Matt Hribar

Matt H.

I joined SUPB because I love the communications field and the pieces involved, I enjoyed planning events and my work on the executive board last year!

Fun fact about me: I’ve written more than twenty-two novels and long-term writing pieces (not published, I just love to write in my freetime).

Corinne Hendrock


Position: On-Campus Events Coordinator (September 2013- Present)
Major: Biology Major, Population and Public Health Minor
I joined SUPB Exec because I wanted to take an active role on campus and bring safe, fun, and enjoyable events to students on campus!

My favorite thing about SUPB is how close we are. Nothing says family more than SUPB!

A fun fact about me is that I am left-handed and laugh at just about everything!

Erika DeCresce


Age: 19
Position: On Campus Events Coordinator – This is my first semester!
Major: Freshman, Human Resources Management

I joined because I really love being involved on campus. I also enjoyed attending SUPB events last semester (before I was on exec board) so it was a great opportunity to help run something I already enjoyed.

My favorite thing about SUPB is all the new friends I’ve made!

One fun fact about me is that I am going to study in Italy with the Vatican City program next semester. :) :) :)

Bridget Hanna


Age: 20
Position: Event Coordinator (1 month)
Major: Communications and French
Why I joined SUPB: I wanted to get more involved around campus!

I love the people involved! They are all so fun and caring.

I’m studying abroad in France this summer, I love bakeries and baking, and I run cross country & track for JCU

Katharine Sargant

KatherineAge: 18
Position: Event Coordinator (first semester on it)
Major: International Business major, Chinese language minor
Why I joined: Jonah Bae is the reason I joined

My favorite thing about SUPB is the awesome people I have met through it!

I am from Rochester, New York. I have been to 7 Dave Matthews Band concerts over the past three years, I have never been to Disney World, I love watching hockey, I am allergic to oranges. I am a summer day camp counselor, and my favorite day of the week is Payday.

Jillian Falzini


I am a junior studying psychology and French and I am the of campus events cordinator for SUPB. I am also the president of our LGBTQ organization, Allies. I love being involved with daily campus life! I work at a pizza place on the weekends and I enjoy my life a lot!




Warren Serrani


Position: Diversity Events Coordinator (new this year!)
Major: Communications (Marketing/Public Relations Track)
Why I joined: I joined SUPB because a lot of my friends and faculty here at JCU thought I would make a good event planner – so I decided to apply – and I’m glad I did!

My favorite thing about SUPB has to be working with our amazing Exec Board! Also, it’s great to see students so excited about our events… it makes it all so worth it.

A fun fact about me? Hmmm… one of my goals in life is to be the director of the Human Rights Campaign in Washington D.C. or an activist for LGBT rights in the U.S. and other countries!

Matt Burke (Matty B)

Matty B.

Position: Promotions Coordinator (2nd year)

Major: Marketing

Why I joined SUPB: Chelsea Gerkin (previous VPP) asked me

My favorite thing: Giving away free stuff!

I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

TJ Killeen


Class of 2015

Finance coordinator

I like finance, fast cars, and long walks on the beach






Sarah Licata


Class: Class of 2015

Major: Marketing and Logistics

Position: Print media coordinator

Fun fact: I’m scared of fish






Brandi Duvall


Age: 19

Position: Multimedia Coordinator (9 weeks/this semester)

Major: Forensic Psychology

Why I joined: I joined SUPB because I was encouraged by friends that I had on exec board but I thought it would be something cool to be a part of.

My favorite thing about SUPB is the events, both the end result and the planning process

Shannon Poppe


Age: 19

Major: Human Resources Coordinator

I joined SUPB for three reasons: to meet people, to get involved, free food on Tuesdays.

My favorite thing about SUPB is that I love all of the members in the organization, and the events are fantastic!!

I live in a triple, and I used to have a fish named John. I prefer Harry Potter and Wuthering Heights on a dreary day.