(Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted)

Education Courses:

Summer I (May 12-June 12)

ED 419: Exceptional Learner           MWR           6:30-9:20

ED 541: Child Psychopathology       MWR          12:00-3:00

ED 586: Instructional Tech Design   MWR           6:30-9:20

CG 580A: Grief Counseling          May 19-23*      9:00-5:00

CG 580E: Expressive Arts Therapy  MWR            6:00-8:40 (at LCCC)

Summer II (June 16-July 17)

ED 453: Multicultural Education       MTWR        10:20-12:30

Summer III (July 21-August 14)

ED 580D: Addressing Controversial  July 21-25*   9:00-5:00


*Accelerated course: meets on each day in the range of dates listed.

Note: Additional graduate level education courses may be found on the Summer Class Schedule.


Courses Related to Teaching Fields:

Language Arts

Summer I: 

EN 580: Framed Narrative                    MWR        6:30-9:20

Summer II:

EN 540: British/American Lyric Poetry   MTWR     12:40-2:50

ED 571: Integrated Language Arts               W        5:00-7:40


Summer II:

MT 507: Statistical Literacy                     MTWR      10:20-12:30

MT 517: Math Modeling in High School  MTWR      8:00-10:10

Summer III:

MT 501: Math Structure                           MTWR      8:00-10:10

MT 510: Math Potpourri                           MTWR      10:20-12:30


BL 405: Scientific Illustration       July 22-August 8**  10:00-2:00

Social Studies

EC 561: Global Issues in Economics    Summer A    Saturdays   9:00-3:30

HS 541: Race & Sex in American Culture  July 28-August 14**    6:00-9:40

Theology and Religious Studies

TRS 529: Early Christian Theology            May 12-23*     8:15-12:30

TRS 406: New Testament Ethics               May 31, June 7,14,21,28*      8:15-12:30

*Accelerated course: Meets each day in the range of dates or list of dates

**Accelerated course: Meets MTWR in date range listed

Note: there are also a variety of interesting courses being offered at the undergraduate level that will be relevant to the teaching fields


Early Childhood Endorsement (4/5):

Summer II

ED 432: Middle School Philosophy & Instruction     MTWR          8:00-9:55


Summer III

ED 424A: Middle School Curric MT/SC          MTWR          8:00-10:35

ED 424B: Middle School Curric LA/SS            MTWR          10:45-1:20


Reading Endorsement:

Summer I

ED 454: Study Language and Phonics             M (hybrid)         5:00-7:40

Summer II

ED 571: Integrated Language Arts                   W                      5:00-7:40

ED 565: Literacy Perspectives                          M (hybrid)         6:00-8:40


See also the Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching, and Technology for workshops and other professional development opportunities.