Courses for K-12 Teachers | Summer Classes 2015

Summer Classes 2015

Courses for K-12 Teachers

Certified/licensed teachers receive a 33% teaching scholarship in many programs. You may take up to two classes as a non-degree seeking student before formally applying to a degree program. Classes taken as a non-degree seeking student may be applied toward a master’s degree.

*Indicates new course for summer 2015

Education Courses

Autism and Children's Learning (ED 535; 3cr)*Summer 1MWR5:00-7:20
Exceptional Learner (ED 419; 3cr)Summer 1MWR6:30-9:20
Addiction Knowledge (CG 514; 3cr)Summer 1MWR (HYBRID)6:00-8:40 (JCU and LCCC campus)
Expressive Arts Therapy (CG 580E; 3cr)Summer 1MWR6-8:40 (at LCCC)
Grief Counseling (CG 580A; 3cr)May 11-15MTWRF9:00-5:00
Multicultural Education (ED 453; 3cr)Summer 2MTWR10:20-12:30
Autism Intervention/Capacity Building (ED537; 3cr)*Summer 3TBDTBD
Addressing Controversial Issues (ED 580D; 3cr)July 20-24MTWRF9:00-5:00
Suicidology (CG 580D; 1cr)July 22-23WR9:00-5:00
Creative Trauma Intervention(CG580G; 3cr)July 20-24MWF9:00-5:00

*Indicates new course for summer 2015

Note: Additional graduate level education courses may be found on the Summer Class Schedule.

Courses Related to Teaching Fields

Scientific Illustration (BL405; 3cr)July 20-Aug 6MTWR10:00-2:00
Language Arts
Studies in Modern British Lit (EN 560; 3cr)Summer 1MWR6:30-9:20
British/American Lyric Poetry (EN 580; 3cr)Summer 2MTWR12:40-2:50
Integrated Language Arts (ED 571; 3cr)Summer 2W5:00-7:40
Topics in Calculus (MT 505; 3cr)Summer 2MTWR10:20-12:30
Problems in Mathematics (MT 514; 3cr)Summer 2MTWR8:00-10:10
Curves, Surfaces and Space (MT 504)Summer 3MTWR10:45-1:20
Computer Science for HS Teachers (MT 513; 3cr)*Summer 3ONLINE
Theology and Religious Studies
Teaching Romans by Simulation (TRS 509; 3cr)Summer 2F9:00-5:00

*Indicates new course for summer 2015

Note: There are also a variety of interesting courses being offered at the undergraduate level that will be relevant to the teaching fields and could be taken as a post-baccalaureate course. View the Summer Course Schedule for more information.

Endorsement Courses

Early Childhood Endorsement (4/5)
Middle School Philosophy and Instr (ED 432; 3cr)Summer 2MTWR8:00-9:55
Middle School Curr MT/SC (ED 424A; 3cr)Summer 3MTWR8:00-10:35
Middle School Curr LA/SS (ED 424B; 3cr)Summer 3MTWR10:45-1:20
Reading Endorsement
Study Language and Phonics (ED 454; 3cr)Summer 1M (HYBRID)5:00-7:40
Integrated Language Arts (ED 571; 3cr)Summer 2W (HYBRID)5:00-7:40
Literacy Perspectives (ED 565; 3cr)Summer 2M (HYRBID)6:00-8:40

*Indicates new course for summer 2015