Courses for Counselors | Summer Classes 2015

Summer Classes 2015

Courses for Counselors

*Indicates new course for summer 2015

Accelerated Courses

Grief Counseling (CG 580A; 3cr)May 11-15MTWRF9:00-5:00
Wellness Counseling (CG 580B; 3cr)May 18-22MTWRF9:00-5:00
Basic Hypnosis (CG 580B; 3cr)May 26-30TWRFS9:00-5:00
Advanced Hypnosis (CG 580E; 1cr)June 1,3,4MWR6:00-10:15
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CG580D;3cr)June 1-5MTWRF(HYBRID) 9:00-5:00
Suicidology (CG 580D; 1cr)July 22-23WR9:00-5:00
Creative Trauma Interv(CG580G; 3cr)July 20-24MWF9:00-5:00
Counseling LGBT (CG 580I; 2cr)July 27-30MTWR9:00-4:00

Regular Courses

Summer Session 1 (May 11 to June 11, 2015)
Addiction Knowledge (CG 514; 3cr)MWR (HYBRID)6:00-8:40 (JCU and LCCC campus)
Service Coordination and Documentation for Chemical Dependency and Addictive Disorders (CG 516; 3cr))MWR (HYBRID)3:00-5:40
Summer Session 2 (June 15 to July 16)
Career Development Vocational (CG 531; 3cr)MWR6:00-8:40
Human Growth and Development (CG 505; 3cr)MTWR3:00-5:40
Expressive Arts in Therapy (CG 580F; 3cr)MWR6:00-8:40
Summer Session 3 (July 20 to August 13, 2015)
Diversity Issues in Counseling (CG 573; 3cr)MWR6:00-9:20
Clinical Interv Prev Ethics (CG 573; 3cr)T (HYBRID)6:00-9:20 (JCU and LCCC campus)

*Indicates new course for summer 2015

Note: Courses may also be taken for CEUs (1 credit = 15 CEUs)

Additional graduate level counseling courses may be found on the Summer Class Schedule.