John Carroll University is committed to ensuring the success of its students and working with students each step of the way toward graduation in a four-year period. Therefore, from a financial planning perspective, our University policies and procedures are established to provide families with eight semesters of funding (fall and spring) to accomplish this goal.

John Carroll realizes that there may be times where on-time graduation is not possible and the University will fulfill this financial obligation for various students’ situations. A committee review process has been established to review and consider the circumstances that may arise that require an additional semester or year of studies. These situations are the exception and not the normal John Carroll experience. The committee will review all student situations to confirm that the student is not able to graduate by his/her eighth semester.

In cases where on-time graduation is not possible, the committee will review each case for determination that additional coursework taken at the University would be at no charge to the student until the degree is earned. In instances where fifth-year funding is not applicable, students may still be eligible for other University assistance and federal/state funding and will be encouraged to meet with financial aid staff to determine the costs to complete their degree. Funding for additional semesters is granted through an application process to determine the appropriate availability of funds and continuation of aid from all sources.

Examples of requests for fifth-year funding include the following:

  • Program requirements were in excess of 128 hours and a normal semester course load.
  • Student was limited in the number of hours in a given semester due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.
  • Student change of program/major prevented on-time graduation.
  • Student desires to enrich his/her studies and add an additional major/minor to his/her John Carroll program of study.
  • The available course offerings at John Carroll did not allow on-time graduation.
  • Student studied abroad or took semester off and it impacted his/her ability to fit in the necessary courses in the appropriate way.
  • Special circumstances such as illness or personal matters that limited the number of semester credits possible.

Beyond filing a FAFSA and current funding sources, our committee will award full tuition scholarships to a select group of students each year based on their situation and availability of funds. Students not selected for the Fifth Year Scholarship will be considered for all appropriate financial aid funding at the current level.

This new Fifth Year Scholarship program is available for freshman students entering John Carroll in the Fall 2010 semester (the Class of 2014). Applications for this program will be available in the Fall Semester of 2012.

If you have questions about this program please email them to