2015 Elections Timeline: Executive Board 

Nominations & Campaigning

Tuesday, October 20 5:00pm in Jardine Room—Student Union Meeting
-Student body makes nominations for Executive Board

Tuesday, October 27 5:00pm in Jardine Room—Student Union Meeting
-Nominees must be in attendance to accept their nominations

-Immediately following, informational meeting for all candidates
(Campaigning begins immediately following meeting)

Tuesday, October 27 through Thursday, November 5—Campaign Period

Friday, October 30 – Must submit a platform statement and headshot by 5pm.

Tuesday, November 3 8:00pm in Atrium—Executive Board Debate
-Attire is Business Formal
-All candidates will give a platform speech
-Opposed positions will also debate

Wednesday, November 4 & Wednesday, November 5—Election Days
-Voting ends promptly at 7:30pm
-Results will be posted in the Student Union Office at 8:30pm

Elections Committee Meetings
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00pm

All located in the Student Union Office.

*Questions, comments, or concerns can be raised at Election Committee Meetings

Contact Information

Elections Chair, Angela Baumgardner (abaumgardner19@jcu.edu)
Student Union President, Cole Hassay hhassay16@jcu.edu