President Goodman’s Speech – Ignation Heritage Week

In Memoriam, Dalton Robert Bacco

Weekly Newsletter:

Week of 1/29/17

Week of 2/5/17

Week of 2/12/17

Week of 2/19/17

Week of 2/26/17 and 3/12/17 (Combined Due to Spring Break)

Week of 3/19/17 (Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather)

Week of 3/26/17

Week of 4/2/17 (Meeting Cancelled Due to Boler School Event)

As of Fall Semester 2017, we have converted to sending out 2 emails a semester to all students from the office of the Student Union President. We no longer produce weekly documents.

Approved Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Student Union Budget

Here you can find past issues of the Student Union newsletter, sorted from most recent to oldest. Please contact your Vice President for Communications (Corbyn Martz, if you have any questions regarding the Student Union Newsletter!