Welcome to Meet Your Student Union! Each week we will feature a different member of Student Union so you can get to know who is representing your voice.


This week’s edition of Meet Your Student Union features one of the 2018 Senators, Catherine Cassidy!

Catherine was asked a few questions about John Carroll, herself, and what she wants to bring to Student Union.

What is your favorite thing about JCU?
I love the small campus and how easy it is to get involved around campus.

What’s your major?
I am currently between Marketing and Human Resources, but we will see where those take me!

Where are you from?
Buffalo, NY

What is something you hope to bring to Student Union?
I hope to bring fresh and new ideas on how to improve things around campus, mostly with the food.

Fun fact about yourself:
I can wiggle my ears and crush anyone in Just Dance.

Favorite quote:
“Who ever said that orange is the new black, was seriously disturbed” -Elle Woods

Questions about Student Union? Contact Catherine at ccassidy18@jcu.edu

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