Student Union

Vice President for Judicial Affairs

Abbey Bissell
Class of 2019

The duties of the Vice President for Judicial Affairs (VPJA) of the Student Union are outlined in Article III, Section 5 of the Constitution of the Student Union. This individual serves as the Chief Justice on the Student Union Hearing Board. His or her main responsibility on the board is to run and oversee the hearings and to ensure that the board members are impartial in their decisions. The VPJA ensures that students who come before the Hearing Board have the opportunity to fully tell their side of the story and to explain themselves. An open discussion is promoted, where students will feel comfortable enough to both talk to the board and ask any questions they may have. Above all, the Hearing Board emphasizes education and awareness, and the sanctions the board provides will help the students learn from the experience.

Information regarding violations to the Student Code of Conduct as well as the minimum disciplinary actions for such offenses can be found on the Student Conduct website.