The Student Union of John Carroll University – Leading and Serving the Student Body Since 1920


The Establishment of the John Carroll University Student Union

Founded on January 31, 1920, the Student Union of John Carroll University is the official student government organization representing all undergraduate students, full and part-time, day and evening. The Student Union provides the student body with official representation to the university community and is the means for concentrated student concern and activity in academics, social life, religious affairs and development, disciplinary matters, and a variety of other areas.

The Student Union is structured so that every student of John Carroll University is a member. This guarantees every student the right to discuss and to speak out on issues facing the student and university communities.

The mission of the John Carroll University Student Union is to ensure a just and united campus community while empowering the student body to live the Jesuit mission of leadership and service. The Student Union focuses primarily on student advocacy, collaboration, and communication, all to achieve the desired goal of community.

Past Presidents of the organization include such well-known alumni as Tom Murphy ’67, Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh; Tim Russert ’72, NBC Senior Vice President and host of Meet the Press; Tim Cavanagh ’84, partner of Lloyd & Cavanagh Attorneys at Law in Chicago; and John Cranley ’96, Mayor of the City of Cincinnati.

A complete listing of Student Union Past Presidents can be found by following this link:

Past Presidents


The Student Union Today

Our mission is to ensure a just and united campus community while empowering the student body to live the Jesuit mission of leadership and service.

The Student Union strives to uphold the values of and represent the needs of the student body. We welcome every individual’s opinion and want students to express their concerns to us. We will gladly listen to you express your opinion about your University. Student Union has a voice and can be heard on nearly all University committees, including the Board of Directors and University Planning Group. We use this representation to better the lives of YOU, the John Carroll students.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with your student government, feel free to attend any Senate meeting held every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Murphy Room of DJ Lombardo Student Center. Elections for executive board positions and senate seats take place each November and December.

Let the organization that represents YOU hear YOUR VOICE!


Executive Board

The executive Board of the Student Union is responsible for overseeing the functions, services, and activities that the branches of the Student Union provide.

They meet as a group on Thursdays at 5pm in the Student Union Office and spend many hours working individually to ensure that the Student Union keeps operating correctly and efficiently.

The Executive Board is here to serve you, the students of John Carroll University. We work hard each and every day to ensure that your voice is heard. Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.


Executive President

Mike Bishop


Executive Vice President

Maddie Tobolewski


Vice President for Business Affairs

Sara Girard


Vice President for Judicial Affairs

Brianna Sweeney


Vice President for Student Organizations

Kyle Blasinsky


Vice President for Programming

Eddie Jenkins


Vice President for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Leah VanDine


Vice President for Communications

Lauren Phillip



Mike Bishop

Class of 2020

The President serves as the official representative of the student body of John Carroll University and is the chief executive officer of the Student Union.

In the capacity of the Student Union chief executive, the President presides over the Student Union Senate and chairs the Executive Board. The President has the authority to appoint students to serve on various University-wide committees to act as his or her representative, sign all legislation after Senate passage, and has the authority to enforce the legislation as defined in the Constitution.

The President is the sole representative of the Student Union in all matters, serving on various University committees and sub-committees as well as holding a non-voting seat with the Board of Trustees.