FSA-Specific Policies

  • When approving reservations, priority is always given to student groups first and then university departments (professional use only). During fall break, spring break, winter break and summer vacation, students and departments using the facilities for professional use will have priority use, however, if no reservations have been made, then personal use reservation requests will be accepted from faculty, staff and administrators.
  • When JCU is closed for Christmas and New Year’s, both retreat sites are closed.
  • Maximum use of the facility is two nights/three days and may only be reserved by the same individual and/or department once every six months.
  • Person(s) and/or groups are responsible for any damages and costs associated with negligent use of these facilities. Violations of usage policies may result in the loss of reservation privileges.
  • We always try to grant the requestor’s choice of retreat sites; however, due to the popularity of these facilities and the frequency of requests, we do reserve the right to determine the appropriate retreat site and/or houses depending on the size of the group and other requests that have been turned in. At Thornacres, two groups may be using the grounds as the same time. Please check with the VPSAO if this is the case when you are scheduled to be there.
  • These facilities are not conducive for very large events. Depending on the intended use, additional toilet facilities may be required at the requestor’s expense.
  • Thornacres is available for use by faculty, staff, administration and their immediate families only. Employees may not request the facility for an outside entity. Employees must be present at all times when the facility is in use.

FSA-Specific Policies (For Personal Use of Facilities Only)

  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted. All local, state and federal laws regarding the consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages must be adhered to strictly. If this policy is violated, reservation privileges will be lost.*
  • Reservations may only be made six months in advance.*

Policies for All Retreat Facility Reservations

The following policies were created to maintain the facilities and to assure that the activities taking place are in line with the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and John Carroll University. Please note the priority order for reservations: student groups, FSA departments for professional use and then FSA personal use!

  1. Priority is always given to student groups, JCU departments (professional use) and then JCU community members (personal use).
  2. The same group/individual can not use the facilities more than once a month.
  3. Groups must reserve the facilities at least a day apart for housekeeping purposes.
  4. There is no cost for student organizations and/or university departments (professional use only) for use of the facilities, unless linens or wood is requested. The cost for linens is $5 per set and the cost for wood is $60 per bundle. For overnight stays, check in is 4pm and check out is 10am. For daytime retreats, check in is 8am and check out is 6pm. Special arrangements must be approved in advance and additional charges may apply. Payment is due when the keys and Event Evaluation and Checklist form are turned in to the VPSAO.
  5. All activities must be in accordance with the missions of the Division of Student Affairs and John Carroll University. The VPSAO reserves the right to refuse approval if the event and/or its activities are not seen in the best interest of students and our mission.
  6. For safety, security and maintenance purposes, pets are not allowed.
  7. Groups and/or persons who do not follow these policies may lose the privilege to use these facilities.
  8. Please leave the premises clean and in order.
    • Dishes should be washed and placed in cupboards.
    • Trash should be placed in the dumpsters.
    • Used linen should be placed in the main bathrooms of both facilities.
    • Return any equipment to its proper place.
    • Leftover food should be removed (to be taken with group).
    • Outdoor space should be cleaned of any trash and equipment must be moved back to its original location.