Retreat Facilities

Carrollodge and Thornacres are two retreat-like, cabin facilities at two different off-campus locations available for use by students, departments, and other members of the JCU community. These facilities are rustic and access into the houses is limited. If you have any special needs or accommodations, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at least two weeks before the event. These policies outline the descriptions of these two properties, their proper usage and the reservation process. Reservations and policies regarding both properties are handled through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSAO). Reservation forms can be found at the bottom of this page.


Carrollodge, located in Chesterland, is a gift of William Crozier and Elizabeth Smith. The ranch house is situated among 26 wooded acres and also houses a large outdoor picnic pavilion. Behind the pavilion is a large field that is perfect for outdoor group activities. The house sleeps approximately ten people in twin beds. There is a large dining room, full kitchen, large living room with a working, wood-burning fireplace and three bedrooms. One of
the bedrooms is a single which is perfect for an advisor. There are two bathrooms at Carrollodge. Wellwater is supplied to the house. The outdoor pavilion has several picnic tables in it that can seat around 46 people at two 8-foot tables and three 10-foot tables. Outdoor grills are also provided.


Thornacres is a 32-acre estate with two fully equipped homes located 45 minutes east of campus in Claridon, Ohio. The two homes are called the Small House (sleeps 6 people in twin beds) and the Large House (sleeps approximately 10-12 people in twin beds). There is a small lake on the property. All fish caught must be thrown back. Attached to the Large House is a large screened porch. On the side of the Large House is a large, uncovered, concrete patio with four picnic tables seating around 32 people. Outdoor grills are also provided. There is no internet access or cable TV. You may bring your own gaming system or DVDs. Firewood is available at a cost per bundle. No firewood is to be transported into Geauga County due to the quarantine from the Emerald Ash Borer.

Use of Carrollodge and Thornacres

Thornacres and Carrollodge are cabin-like retreat facilities that are to be used for leadership workshops, organization retreats, meetings and social events. When approving reservations, priority is given in the following order: student groups, FSA for professional use and then FSA for personal use. During all breaks, students will still have priority use over the facilities, however, if no reservations have been made, then we will accept requests from faculty, staff and administrators for professional and personal use. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, both retreat sites are closed. For safety reasons, do not use outdoor firewood inside the fireplaces. *No firewood is to be transported into Geauga County from any other county due to the quarantine from Emerald Ash Borer infesting the forests.

Check-in/check-out times

For both retreat facilities, check-in time is 4 p.m. and check-out time is 10 a.m. If using a facility for a single-day use, the hours are 8 a.m. through 6 p.m.


Thornacres: (for personal Faculty/Staff use)

  • $100 per house per day/night; $200 for both houses per day/night
  • Wood – $60/bundle
  • Linens – $5 each

Carrollodge: (for personal Faculty/Staff use)

  • $50 per day/night
  • Wood – $60/bundle
  • Linens – $5 each

* Overnight Stay: The number of persons allowed to stay overnight is limited to the number of beds inĀ each house.


For further policies and instructions, click on the appropriate link below:

Instructions for Use & Evaluation Form