The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of the following departments: Athletics, Career Services, Dean of Students, Fraternity and Sorority Life, JCU Police Department, JCU Dining, Health Promotion and Wellness, Liturgical Music and Musical Arts, Recreation, Residence Life, Student Diversity and Inclusion, Student Engagement, Student Health and Wellness Center, University Counseling Center, and the Violence Prevention and Action Center. The Vice President for Student Affairs oversees the division.

Student affairs is an integral part of the learning process in higher education, providing opportunities for “students to learn through action, contemplation, reflection, and emotional engagement as well as information acquisition” (Learning Reconsidered, 2004). Student affairs views itself as a partner with academic affairs in an educational process that approaches the development of the whole student with the goal of cultivating productive citizens.

Functionally, student affairs provides and facilitates services, programs, and opportunities for both affective and cognitive learning and development. Our role on campus is to enhance the learning environment, educate the campus community about students and their experiences, and partner with academic colleagues to foster true learning communities.