How to Start a New Organization

In order to begin a new student organization and become recognized by the office of student engagement, the following steps should be taken:

1. Complete the Request for Student Organization Petition form.

Approval of this form offers the organization certain privileges. *Note you must select an adviser before completing this form. Advisers must be full-time members of the JCU faculty, staff, or administration. Graduate assistants and resident ministers are not eligible.  Once this form is received the student completing the form will receive instructions to complete a training module in Canvas.  Following passage of this training module the organization will officially become a petitioning organization and will receive notifications accordingly.

2. Hold organizational meetings with interested students prior to becoming fully recognized.

As a petitioning organization, the group should be recruiting members and meeting to begin making plans to become recognized.  Although you are not able to reserve rooms yet for meetings or events, you can make use of the public spaces across campus.  It is required to have at least 10 members submitted with the Application of Student Organization Recognition form so active recruitment is critical at this time.

3. Complete the Application of Student Organization Recognition form.
This includes a mission statement, list of possible services/activities, officer list, Membership Roster, and Model Constitution.

    • The group needs to develop a membership with a minimum of ten (10) students.
    • Also, organizations need to develop officer positions, two of which must be a president and financial officer.
    • If affiliating with a non-John Carroll entity or national/parent group, the petitioning group also must submit information on that organization, including its constitution.

In addition, once this application is submitted, the student completing the form will receive instructions to complete a training module in Canvas.  Following passage of this training module and submission of all required forms, the organization will be officially recognized as a student organization at JCU!

This process should take no longer than a period of one (1) month to be processed, depending on how quickly paperwork is complete and accurate. Once the Student Organization Review Board (SORB) has reviewed the application, the group will be informed by the Vice President for Student Organizations if and when it becomes a recognized and registered organization. The appropriate account numbers will also be communicated to the group.

4. Groups petitioning for recognition can only have petitioning status for a period of two months when classes are in session.
It is the responsibility of petitioning groups to complete all the requirements in a timely fashion. If a petitioning group loses its status or its request for recognition is denied, it must wait two weeks to re-apply for recognition.