Purchasing Guidelines

Promotional Items/T-shirts

If an organization wants to print and order apparel (i.e. t-shirts) or other promotional items (i.e. cups, frisbees, etc.), it is critical that the group seek approval from the OSA before going to print.  The student organization needs to make sure that the design of any item that will promote the organization and/or its event(s) and accurately depicts the mission of the organization and the University.  To begin this process, complete the Apparel and Promotional Item Approval Form.  Next, student organizations must contact our preferred vendor for promotional items, theJCUshop in order to get a quote for any promotional item, including t-shirts. The company website is jcushop.jcu.edu and our representative is Aubrey Cocklin. This vendor has competitive pricing and has a streamlined relationship with integrated marketing and communications and purchasing.

Fair Trade
As a Jesuit and Catholic institution, one of our core values involves social justice. Read about how your organization can support Fair Trade here.

Preferred Vendors
Please consult this list of preferred vendors when considering doing business with your student organization. In addition if there is something specific you are looking for in regards to program planning, you may want to consult staff in the Office of Student Engagement for a good recommendation.