**Original flyers must be brought to the OSE for stamping and approval before making copies.

Except where noted, flyers are not permitted on any walls, doors, stairwells, garbage cans, or columns on campus.

Flyers are not permitted to advertise alcoholic drink specials, events where the primary purpose is drinking, or other activities that appear to promote irresponsible or illegal alcohol use.

All flyers and signs should contain the name of the sponsoring organization, clearly marked, as well as contact information (phone and/or e-mail of the sponsoring organization or department).

Flyers that promote messages that are contrary to the Jesuit and Catholic character and mission of the university are not permitted.

Approved flyers may be posted on seven established bulletin boards on campus.  Approved flyers may be posted in the residence halls and department bulletin boards with permission.

No solicitation is permitted under doors in any residence hall or buildings on campus.

The staff in the Office of Student Engagement will post flyers on a weekly basis for external groups if they desire during the academic year.

Only Residence Life personnel are allowed to post flyers in the common areas of the residence halls. Copies may be placed in the Office of Residence Life for staff to distribute.  Check with staff in the OSE after August 15 for exact number of copies needed for residence halls.  *Remember to bring the original flyer to the OSE to be stamped and approved BEFORE you make copies.  All flyers are approved and stamped for approval, including a removal date, by the OSE (located in Suite 201 of the D. J. Lombardo Student Center, above the bookstore).

There are (7) bulletin boards used for posting flyers.  Bulletin board locations are:  Student Center Atrium (2) boards across from student mailboxes, (1) board to the right of the elevator, on the same floor as Residence Life and (1) board across from the IM gym by the vending machines, AD building – (1) board on the 2nd floor, across from Catholic Studies, Boler School of Business – (1) board on the 1st floor, Dolan Science Center (1board on 1st floor – east wing, across from the vending machines.