This policy has been designed to ensure that John Carroll University students, faculty, and staff members have equal access to common posting areas in order to promote events and activities, to avoid violations of fire and safety codes, and to preserve the aesthetic quality of the campus.

Posting on University property is a privilege, and therefore the University reserves the right to regulate the posting and distribution of all publicity. General guidelines for all members of the community are included in this policy with additional instructions outlined for student groups and non-University groups.

Posting Restrictions

Location – No flyers are permitted on any walls, windows, doors, stairwells, elevators, garbage cans, or columns on campus. Posting is not permitted on glass (except where noted), mirrors, masonry walls, and painted surfaces (including doors). There may be some exceptions to this in the residence halls.

Content – No libelous material shall be posted. Material must abide by the University Code of Conduct and not be contrary to the mission of the University. No flyers are allowed to advertise drink specials, events where the primary purpose is drinking, or other activities that appear to promote irresponsible or illegal alcohol use.

General Posting Instructions

Student and non-University groups

  1. All promotional materials and advertisements must have the “approved for posting” notice displayed on each promotional piece prior to posting. All posters/flyers from student organizations or outside groups must be approved in advance by the office of student engagement. Students should bring the original flyer to the OSE for approval before making copies.
  2. The following information must be included on all postings: the name of the event; sponsoring organization; contact information including name, phone number, and e-mail address; and event time, place and admission cost, if applicable.
  3. All postings must be dated and removed by the date stamped on the flyer or within three (3) days following the event date. The sponsoring organization/group is responsible for removing all flyers and posters following the event.
  4. Posting is permitted on seven common area bulletin boards only (only one per bulletin board). Posting may also be permitted on departmental bulletin boards with permission of the appropriate department.

University Departments

  1. Flyers sponsored by a University department do not require content approval from the office of student engagement prior to posting, but must follow all other of the same posting guidelines.
  2. Departments may post information on the inside glass within their departments or other departments with permission. Postings of signage on the exterior grounds and/or buildings can only be done with the permission of the Facilities Office (216.397.4314). *Note: Stanchions may be available through the Facilities Scheduling Office (216.397.1500) for special events on campus. Faculty and departments may obtain approved bulletin/posting board/bars for their walls adjacent to their doors through the facilities department at a nominal cost.
  3. Flyers are permitted to be posted on faculty and staff member’s doors with blue tape.

Sanctions and Questions

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in a loss of posting privileges. Additionally, charges/fines may be imposed for the removal of fliers/posters/signs that have expired, are posted in unacceptable locations, or require repair of surfaces due to damage during removal. Any non-JCU person or group found posting around campus without following the posting procedures and guidelines may be charged with trespassing.


The OSE staff will monitor and maintain the bulletin boards, doors, and windows in the Student Center and clean off dated or unapproved flyers or banners on a weekly basis.

The Auxiliary Services and Housekeeping departments will monitor unauthorized postings in administrative common buildings except where noted above.

Faculty, staff, administrators, and students are encouraged to take down dated flyers and bring unapproved or questionable flyers to the attention of the OSE staff as needed. The office staff will follow up with any sanctions that are needed for policy violations.

General policy questions can be directed to the Director of Purchasing & Auxiliary Services at 216-397-3025. Content and questions regarding postings by students and non-University groups should be directed to the Office of Student Engagement at 216-397-4288 or