John Carroll University
Student Organization Speaker’s Policy

John Carroll University is committed to creating an environment of inquiry which embraces liberal education as a search for truth where faith and reason complement each other in learning. In this context, the University encourages its student organizations to contribute to the role of the University as a forum for intellectual discussion, debate, investigation and/or artistic expression. The purpose of the Student Organization Speaker’s Policy is to assure that the educational purposes and the Jesuit Catholic identity of John Carroll University are taken into consideration in light of the context and purpose of the proposed event. Additional considerations in approving speakers sponsored by student organizations include the appropriate use of University’s name and facilities as well as the potential interference or disruption to University operations that may result from such sponsorship. The University has final discretion in decisions regarding the sponsorship of visiting speakers and public events.

Student organizations registered and recognized through the office of student activities and student union must submit a Speaker Registration Approval Form to invite non-University speakers to campus. Student groups that have not been registered and recognized by authorized bodies may not invite non-University speakers to campus.

The sponsoring Student organization is responsible for including the statement below in its advertisement, announcements, and news releases. If deemed appropriate, the University administration may also require the statement below to be read at the beginning of the event.
The presence of a guest speaker on the campus of John Carroll University does not imply approval or endorsement by the University of the views expressed by the guest speaker, or by anyone else present at the event.

In order to promote civil discourse in an environment that is committed to welcoming diverse viewpoints, the University administration may require that the event be facilitated by a person approved by the University administration.
In the rare occurrence where a speaker or individual might create a public safety concern, or use the University as a platform to denigrate the Catholic identity or mission of the institution, the University reserves the right to reschedule, relocate, or cancel the event. Any invitation to a non-University speaker extended by a registered student organization may be rescinded by the University administration if it is determined that hosting the proposed speaker will constitute a clear and present disruption to the orderly operation or peaceful conduct of campus activities.

When hosting a non-University speaker on campus, student organizations must provide a biography/resume of the speaker as well as a written description of the content/purpose of the speaking engagement with their Speaker Registration Form at least two (2) weeks before the event. Prior to approval of the event, the director of student activities reserves the right to meet with the student organization and to consult with other university colleagues to discuss the event and the information submitted with the Speaker Registration Form.
The university has final discretion in decisions regarding the sponsorship of visiting speakers and public events.