Organization Authorization and Request Forms

The following is a list and brief explanation of several forms applicable to authorizations and requests. Some of these forms are available only in duplicate and therefore are available outside the Office of Student Activities, located in Suite 201 of the Lombardo Student Center (above the bookstore).

Apparel and Promotional Item Approval Request Form – If an organization is going to purchase apparel (i.e. t-shirts) or other promotional items (i.e. cups, frisbees, etc.), it is critical that the group seek approval from the OSA before going to print. The student organzation needs to make sure that the design of any item that will promote the organization and/or its event(s) accurately depicts the mission of the organization and the University. To begin this process, complete this form, attach the proposed design, and submit it.

Collaboration Form – This form is used to document and track collaborative efforts on events or programs with other groups, student organizations, departments, or entities.

Contract Agreement Form – This form is used to enter into a contact agreement with a vendor or performer that does not have an agency contract. Student organizations leaders can complete this contract and submit it to Lisa Ramsey in the Office of Student Activities to be signed. A contract is also needed in order to Complete Check Requests with the Accounts Payable department.
Here is a sample form to refer to. Sample Contract

Digital Signage Graphic Request – This form is used to request for an event to be promoted on the large television screen in the atrium. This form is received, approved and facilitated by the Integrated Marketing Department.

Driver Certification Form – This form is¬†used to begin the van fleet certification process. This form must be submitted to the OSA along with a copy of the driver’s license, motor vehicle record, and minimal required certification fee.

Event Report Form – This form is used to provide feedback about the successes and challenges of an event. Please submit this form to the Office of Student Activities within one week of the event.

Request for Facility Use РThis form is used to request and seek approval to reserve a facility on campus, including classrooms, conference rooms, the Underground, athletic facilities, and auditorium.  Organizations can view facility availability by checking the R25 calendar. Click on locations on the top left hand corner of the page and scroll to the date you need. The locations are on the right hand column.

Fundraising Form – This form is used to seek approval for an organization’s fundraiser or fundraising event to make sure it is line with University fundraising, gambling, and solicitation policies as well as to coordinate the timing of potentially similar fundraisers.

Hotel Policy Form – This form is used to inform and approve an organization’s function to be held in any part of a hotel property. This form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the OSA at least 14 days in advance of the event.

Late Night at Carroll Committee Application – The Late Night at Carroll Committee will work to plan, promote and implement creative late night programming options at least six times per semester on campus. If you are a night owl and would like to help plan more fun things to do between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., complete this form to apply and help out!

Late Night Programming Grant – This form is used for registered and recognized student organizations to apply for Late Night Programing grants. Click here for the Late Night Programming guidelines.

Officer Change Form – This is the form that students need to complete if there is a any change in officer and/or leadership in the organization during the year except for at normal transition time (August and December/January).

Organization Profile – This form must be completed electronically and is housed under “Settings” on each organization’s portal. The organization needs the following information to complete it: Officer contact info and banner ID’s, advisor contact information, membership roster, and constitution. It must be completed twice a year: August and December.

Publicity Request Form – This form is used to approve special publicity requests, including atrium windows, sidewalk chalking, floor publicity, napkin holders, mailbox stuffers, outdoor staking/signs, or special demonstrations/presentations.

Social Event Planning and Notification Form – This form is used to inform and approve an organization’s social function that involves alcohol. This form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the OSA at least 14 days in advance of the event.

Student Policies regarding the use of Retreat Facility Policies – Used to inform student organizations of the policies in place for the reservation of the University’s two retreat facilities, Thornacres and Carrollodge. This also includes a reservation form and advisor responsibility form. Reservations are managed through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, located in Suite 03 of the Lombardo Student Center.

Van Request Form – This form is used for certified drivers to request a University-owned van that is managed through the OSA. Be sure to review the Van Fleet Policies & Procedures for further information and instructions when operating vehicles in the van fleet.