Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB) Budget Forms

Funding from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is meant to serve John Carroll students and the SOBB serves to ensure that this is taking place within student organizations. To request funding in any of the areas below, the student organization shall complete one or more of the following budget request forms listed below.

The Operating Fund Request Form is used to support the internal functions of the organization, such as office supplies, binders for the organizations’ executive board, and printing supplies, such as flyers to advertise meetings. ¬†Organizations can only request up to $100 per semester. The $100 is not guaranteed to each organization; it must be requested in order to be used.

The Program/Event Request Form is to be used for supplies, food, decorations, tickets, publicity, performance fees, or other expenses incurred while planning, promoting, and implementing an on-campus event or program open to all students of John Carroll University.

The Travel/Conference Request Form is to be used for any student organization that is sending members to an event/conference. It can include registration fee, lodging, and transportation. This form is also used for driving to an event, such as requests for gas money.

The Service Fund Request Form is to be used by student organizations for service projects and organization needs. Some examples include executive board needs, printing supplies, and project supplies.