Introducing Lobo Link! Here is the basic 411 about Lobo Link:

Q. What is Lobo Link?
A. It is a resource webpage designed especially for student organizations to provide access to forms to run the group as well as a communication tool to use within your org.

Q. How do I use it?
A. Just click on the website at and look for the resources you need. If you want to use it more fully, make a profile (takes 2 minutes), join a group and you are off and running!

Here are the easy steps how to do it:

1. Click this link and click “create an account”. Create a username a password (with no spaces) and complete the rest of the form to create your account.
2. Click complete sign-up.
3. You will get an email to activate your account. Please click on that link to activate.
4. Then log-on to Lobo Link again and click on the “Groups” tab on the top.
5. Scroll down to the group you are interested in and click on the name.
6. Click on “Request Membership”.
7. A member of the group will get back with you shortly!

Q. How do I reserve a room for an event?
A. Click on the top middle tab that says, “Request a Room Here” to reserve a room for an event. All other forms can be found under the forms tab.