Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions (with answers) from student organizations about program planning, etc.

How do I reserve a room on campus?
If you are a part of a recognized and registered student organization on campus, you can request to use space through the Request for Facility Use form on Lobo Link. You must first create an account on Lobo Link by clicking here to set up a log-in and password. Then you can click on the form tab on the top right to request a room.

How do I request funding from the Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB)?
Registered and recognized student organizations at JCU can request from the Student Organization Budget Board in four (4) different categories:
• The Operating Fund is meant to support the daily needs of student organizations for things like office supplies, meeting supplies, etc. Each organization is able to request up to $100/per semester from this fund.
• The Programming Fund is to support events open to the JCU campus.
• The Travel Fund is meant to support student travel to conferences and events that are off-campus.
• The Service Fund is to fund service projects and other organization needs related to service.
The forms need to be submitted at least 2 weeks before the date of the event or the travel and they have to be heard at the SOBB budget board at least one week before. The forms can be found on Lobo Link under the forms tab.

How do I prepare for the SOBB presentation?
After you submit your request form, you need to make sure that you sign up for a time to present to the budget board (on the Student Union office door). Make sure the representative that attends the meeting on behalf of your organization is well versed about the request and prepared to answer questions about details like budget, locations, promotion, and other things. Be prepared to share as much information as you can with the board about the details of the request, why it is important to your organization, why it is important to the campus at large, etc.

How do I obtain a Late Night Programming grant?
If your organization is planning an event to be held on a Friday or Saturday night between the hours of 10pm – 1am, you can apply for a Late Night Programming Grant. You can find the request form on Lobo Link under the request form tab. You can read all the late night grant guidelines here.

How do I get t-shirts approved?
If an organization wants to print and order apparel (i.e. t-shirts) or other promotional items (i.e. cups, frisbees, etc.), it is critical that the group seek approval from the OSA before going to print. The student organization needs to make sure that the design of any item that will promote the organization and/or its event(s) and accurately depicts the mission of the organization and the University. Complete the Apparel and Promo item request form on Lobo Link under request forms.
*Note: If you plan to include the John Carroll University name or logo (any form of it) on a t-shirt or other promotional item, you must also get the design approved by the Director of Marketing Services Design in University Advancement – Marketing and Communications.

How do I get reimbursed for expenses? How do I get access to my organization’s LSO account?
All registered and recognized student organizations have two accounts at the university: the LSO account, which ends in a “2” and a savings account, which ends in a “1”. All the organization codes can be found here.

The LSO account is used when the organization is approved for funding through the SOBB for semester allocations, travel, program, or service requests. Organizations do not get cash directly from SOBB. Rather, organizations spend their own money ahead of time (if the request is approved) and get reimbursed after the fact from the LSO account. Student organizations must complete a check request form and submit both the completed check request form and receipts to the Vice President for Business Affairs in the Student Union. Paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of the event or the organization will not be reimbursed.

How do I get access to my organization’s savings account?
All registered and recognized student organizations have access to a savings account that ends in a “1”. All the organization codes can be found here.

The savings account is the account organizations can use to keep monies obtained through dues or fundraising. All deposits can be made through the Business Office (basement of Rodman Hall).

What is the difference between an org code and an account code?
The org code is the 6 digit code that begins with a “4” and ends in a “2” that was given to your organization when it was initially recognized. This is the code you typically use when you are asked for your organization’s org code. The other “4” account code is the savings account that ends in a “1”. See above for the explanation about this. You can access the list of organization codes here.

The account code is basically a way to organize expenditures into categories. You will need to use an account code when completing a check request. Here is a list of the commonly used account codes for your reference.

What is Lobo Link? How do I get on Lobo Link?
Lobo Link is the resource website designed especially to help student organizations access the forms they need to make their group successful as well as help members connect with each other. Check out the Lobo Link instructions here.

How do I promote my event?

Promotion of events is a critical part of planning a successful program. There are a number of cheap or low cost ways you can promote your event such as: Facebook events, word of mouth, Inside JCU, flyers, banners, napkin holders, table in the atrium, and chalking.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the posting policy and get any flyers or special publicity approved by the Office of Student Activities. You can find the posting policy here.

Also, if you have a special publicity request beyond flyers and banners you need to complete the publicity request form on Lobo Link.

How do I pay a performer or artist?
In order to pay an artist, performer, DJ or the like, we must have a contract that is signed by the person performing and co-signed by the director of student activities. Student organizations cannot sign for the University. Please meet with the director of student activities to go over this process. The signed contract accompanies the check request to the business office to process the check for the performer. The general deadline is that paperwork needs to be into the business office by Tuesday at 1:00pm for a check to be cut by the Thursday of that week. Other deadlines may apply if the organization is obtaining funding from LSO. Check with the Vice President for Business Affairs about those specific deadlines.

How can I have an event with alcohol?
There are times when student organizations are approved to have alcohol at student organization sponsored events. In order to get this approved please complete the social event planning and notification form on Lobo Link at least 14 days prior to the event date. Forms turned in late will not be approved. Organizations must follow all the steps that are listed on this form including the details about wristbands and advisors being present.

How do I do a fundraiser?
Organizations need to complete the Fundraising Request Approval form on Lobo Link in order to get a fundraiser approved.

How do I find out what is going on on campus?
Towards the beginning of your planning process, you should be sure to find out what else is happening on campus on the date you are looking at. There are a few key places you should check. Check the R25 calendar which lists the venues that are booked on campus. *Note that even though a space looks available there might be an event in the queue that is still being processed. This calendar can help sort out which spaces are NOT available, but the organization should not advertise a space until a confirmation email for that space has been received from the facilities scheduling office.

Check the Student Life calendar for all sorts of events that are happening.

Finally, you might want to check with the student union programming board calendar on their website.

How can I get more involved on campus?
Check out our website to find out the variety of ways you can get involved on campus. Better yet, come by our office to talk with one of our staff members and we can provide you information that will line up with your interests!

Remember to check out our list of current student organizations!

Where is the Office of Student Activities located?
Our office is located in suite 201 in the D.J. Lombardo Student Center, right above the bookstore. We are open from 8:30am – 5pm. Come by anytime! Do you have other questions that are not answered here? Come by to chat or email at