Appeals Process

If an organization thinks a SOBB funding decision is unfair, they can participate in the appeals process:

  • The appealed request should be turned in to the VPSO. At the next Senate meeting, the organization will make its presentation/case to Senate, and then Senate will vote on the appeal. All appeals must receive a two-thirds majority approval from Senate in order to overturn a SOBB decision.
  • If Senate denies the appeal and the organization wants to continue to appeal, the request then goes to the Director of the Office of Student Engagement for a final decision.
  • Appeals must be turned in to the VPSO within two weeks of the denial of the request. No late appeals will be accepted. An appealed request consists of a new budget request form. Both the appealed request and original request will be provided to the Senate for review.

Organizations cannot appeal requests that are not heard by SOBB.