Student Organization Budget Board
Registered and recognized student organizations can request money through the student organization budget board (SOBB). This is the most common way student organizations receive funding for regular operating funds, programs/events, or travel expenses. Listed below is the step by step process about how to do that!

Step 1: Have a plan
Figure out what you want to request money for. Do you need money to run your group? Travel to a conference? Do a service project or a program on campus?

Step 2: Create a budget

Work with some other members of your group to create a budget of the costs associate with your conference, program or project. You can always meet with a staff person in the Office of Student Engagement for help with this. Think broadly. Click here to see a list of funding limitations.

Step 3: Complete the forms
Complete the appropriate forms in order to request money from the Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB). You will need to complete one of the following forms depending on the nature of your request:

Operating Fund Form – The Operating Fund Form is only used to support the internal functions of the organization, such as office supplies, binders for the organizations’ executive board, and printing supplies, such as flyers to advertise meetings. Those are just a few examples. Organizations can only request up to $100 per semester. The $100 is not guaranteed to each organization; it must be requested in order to be used.

The Program/Event Request Form – The Program/Event Request Form is to be used for supplies, food, decorations, tickets, publicity, performance fees, or other expenses incurred while planning, promoting, and staging an on-campus event or program open to all students of John Carroll.

Travel/Conference Request Form – The Travel/Conference Request Form is for any student organization that is sending members to an event/conference. It includes registration fee, lodging, and transportation. This form is also used for driving to an event, such as requests for gas money.

Service Fund Request Form – The Service Fund Request Form is for use by student organizations for service projects and organization needs. Some examples include executive board needs, printing supplies, and project supplies.

Step 4: Turn in forms and sign up for a time
Submit the accurate and completed forms through the website by five the Tuesday before the
budget board meeting.  The Vice President for Student Organizations will create a docket and notify
you the Tuesday evening before the meeting of your presentation time

Step 5: Present your case
Make sure that the person who presents the request for funding is knowledgeable about the request and can answer questions intelligently. Do your best to explain why this request is important to the organization and how it will benefit the organization and the campus at large.

Step 6: Access funds
In most cases, after the request has been approved student organizations spend their own money as they implement their program and submit a check request and original receipts to get reimbursed from their LSO account after the fact. Click here to learn more about the check request process.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems with the forms, please contact Siian Rancharan, Vice President for Student Organizations, at

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