Do you want to promote a program or event your organization is sponsoring? Click here for a copy of the posting policy and learn more about posting fliers, banners, and other promotional items.

Purchasing Guidelines
It is important that student organizations obtain at least three bids when purchasing something for their organization. Please consult the Preferred Vendor List for the list of vendors recommended by the University.

Note: If you plan to include the John Carroll University name or logo (any form of it) on a t-shirt or other promotional item, you must also get the design approved by Jennifer Vokoun, Director Marketing Services Design in University Advancement – Integrated Marketing and Communications.


How do I get t-shirts approved?
If an organization wants to print and order apparel (i.e. t-shirts) or other promotional items (i.e. cups, frisbees, etc.), it is critical that the group seek approval from the OSA before going to print. The student organization needs to make sure that the design of any item that will promote the organization and/or its event(s) and accurately depicts the mission of the organization and the University. To begin this process, complete this form, attach the proposed design, and submit it on OrgSync.