Mark your calendar for the schedule of late night events for Fall 2014!

8/29 – LN Presents: Movie Night: The Amazing SpiderMan 2, 11pm, Donahue Auditorium, Dolan Science Center
9/5 – LN Presents: Outdoor Board Game Night, 10pm, Keller Commons
9/13 – LN Presents: 13 Hands De-Stress Fest with Dalien, 10pm, Jardine Room
9/16 – LN Presents: Ballroom Dance, 10pm, Fred Astaire in Willoughby
9/20 – LN Presents: Hands on Pottery, 9pm, The Green’s of Lyndhurst

10/3 – LN Presents: Patterson’s Fruit Farm Hayride & Bonfire, 9pm, Patterson’s Barn
10/10 – LN Presents: Something Dada Improve as part of Streak the Center, 10pm – 11:30pm, Location TBD
10/24 – CarrollCAN Scare Away Cancer, 10pm, LSC Atrium

11/1 – LN Presents: Billiards & Beauty, 10pm, Location TBD
11/7 – LN Presents: Paranormal Presentation, 10pm, Jardine Room
11/14 – LN Presents: IFC Event – TBD, 10pm, LSC Conference Room
11/21 – LN and SUPB Present: Mockingjay Event, Time and location TBD
12/5 – LN Presents: Gingerbread Party, 10pm, Jardine Room

For more detailed information please go to the Student Life calendar