As a member of the undergraduate graduating class, you are
cordially invited to apply to be this year’s Millor Orator.

In honor of the late Reverend William J. Millor, S.J., who served the University in a variety of posts over 28 years, representatives of the undergraduate community, along with a panel of faculty, staff, and administrators, select a member of the undergraduate graduating class to be the lone student presenter at the commencement ceremony. The Millor Orator is chosen from a pool of senior applicants who desire to be chosen as the only student speaker at commencement. Each applicant submits a written speech and other accompanying materials, and is judged based upon on- and off-campus involvement, leadership, and commitment to learning, as well as content, knowledge, and identification of the University’s mission. Speeches should, at a minimum, loosely incorporate or reflect the Jesuit mission of John Carroll University. Applicants are also reminded that they will be acting as a representative of the graduating class, and thus should consider including shared experiences in his/her speech. Finalists audition their speeches in front of the aforementioned panel of faculty, staff, administrators, and students, who then choose the best student on the basis of speech content, knowledge, and identification of the Jesuit mission, as well as poise and presentation.

Applicants must be graduating and participating in the commencement exercises on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Download 2019 Millor Orator Application here.