Staff Council


  1. Staff Council Statement on Financial Restructuring and Current Feelings of Staff

    The institutional changes that occurred during the past few months have had a profound impact on the staff. Through retirements, position eliminations, and position restructuring, many talented and knowledgeable colleagues have left JCU and are, and will continue to be, deeply missed. These changes have created confusion and stress about organizational structures and job responsibilities. […]

  2. September 2017 Campus Question

    For September, Staff Council asked our colleagues around campus: “What are you looking forward to this Fall?”   “I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with other Student Affairs departments – learning more about students, programs and other offices, and ways to collaborate with alumni. I’m also looking forward to connecting with family coming up to […]

  3. Who do I call for… ?

    With all of the staff transitions that are taking place, it can be hard to remember who is in charge of what areas, or who to call with a question. Staff Council is working with Human Resources and the Senior Leadership Team to help provide as much information as possible about staffing changes as they […]