Expertise: Japan, China, Anthropology, Sex and Gender, Public Health, and Medicine and Culture

Susan Orpett Long specializes in anthropology and East Asian Studies. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and received her MA and PhD in anthropology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She became interested in Japan when she was sent there as an AFS exchange student in high school, knowing little more than how to count to ten and say “sayonara.” The intensive experience of a year in such a historically rich culture stimulated her interest in anthropology and encouraged her to continue her study of Japanese language and society.

Dr. Long has been teaching full time at John Carroll University since 1989 and was promoted to Professor in 2000. She regularly teaches the following courses:

Introduction to East Asia

Introduction to Anthropology; Japanese Society; Public Health in US Society

Sex and Gender; Medicine and Culture; Health & Healing in East Asia; Popular Culture in Japan

Internship in Population and Public Health

She was John Carroll University’s first Coordinator of East Asian Studies, working with other faculty and administrators to develop this international program. The East Asian Studies program involves regular and special courses, student exchange, extracurricular lectures and concerts, hosting conferences and workshops, and working with schools and museums in the area to improve education about East Asia. Dr. Long served as project director of a federally funded program to increase the number of licensed Japanese language teachers in area high schools.

Dr. Long has been actively conducting research on Japanese women, family, care of the elderly, medical systems, and bioethics and end-of-life decision-making. She has published numerous articles and book chapters.

Publications and Major Research