Assistant Professor
Expertise: Sociology of the Family, Intersections of Family and Work, Sex and Gender, Social Psychology, Cultural Sociology, Women and Health

Dr. Medora W. Barnes specializes in the areas of Family, Gender, and Social Psychology. She received her BA from Trinity College, and her PhD in Sociology, as well as a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies, from the University of Connecticut. Her research examines the intersections of family and work, especially as they relate to cross-cultural policy comparisons and individual decision making. Other research interests include ideologies of motherhood and fatherhood, gender discrimination in the labor market, and new reproductive technologies.

Dr. Barnes joined the Department of Sociology and Criminology faculty in 2009 and is currently serving as the advisor to the Sociology Student Association. She regularly teaches the following courses:

SC 101:
Introduction to Sociology
SC 215:
Individual and Society, Sociology of the Family
SC 225:l:
Sociology of the Family
SC 315:
Sexuality & Sexual Behavior