Professor of Sociology

Degrees: Ph.D, Kent State University

Expertise: Sexuality, Deviance, Violence, Applied sociology, Research methodology, Criminal justice, Forensics

Dr. Dukes, department chairman from 1988 to 1997, received his Ph.D. in 1980 from Kent State University and has been at John Carroll since 1976. In addition to a Cleveland Faculty Fellowship for research on crime prevention programs within the city of Cleveland’s Department of Public Safety in 1987, academic honors include the university’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 1988, the Cleveland Jaycee’s Outstanding Young Clevelander Award in 1989, the William P. Dumont Community Service Award in 1989 and the 1986 award for outstanding volunteer from the Cleveland Task Force on Violent Crime. He is the director of the JCU minor in Forensic Behavioral Science.

His expertise is in Forensics, Criminology, and Research Methodology. He published Issues in Community Policing (with Peter Kratcoski, 1995). Since then, he has served as president of the Society for Applied Sociology, board member of the Sociological Practice Association, and director of the American Sociological Association Honors’ Program.