College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology and Criminology

The Ruth P. Miller Award in Human Services

Given to a senior for outstanding undergraduate achievement in human service:

2018 Kaleigh Wagner and Victoria Williams

2017 Madison Marie Chickos and Maria Angela Mangione
2015 Samantha C. Bailey
2014 Joshua D. DePaul (co-awardee)
2014 Shannon O. Doyle (co-awardee)
2013 Tara Knight
2012 Jacqueline E. Wyman
2011 Elizabeth H. Castellano (co-awardee)
2011 Juana J. Padilla (co-awardee)
2010 Nikita L. Stange
2009 Jillian T. Kaltenbach (co-awardee)
2009 Alyson N. Werner (co-awardee)
2008 Boris Bosnjak (co-awardee)
2008 Laura Siciliano (co-awardee)
2007 Rachel Mihna
2006 Meagan K. Weiss
2005 Katie L. Bretz
2004 Kathleen S. Glass
2003 Lindsay E. Fello (co-awardee)
2003 Mary Patricia Jolivette (co-awardee)
2002 Julie M. DiGello
2001 Anne C. Fildes
2000 Sara A. Caesar
1999 Laura G. Malone
1998 Ann M. Slota
1997 Bridget A. Maloney
1996 Melissa A. Winberry
1995 Maria T. Naso

Ruth P. Miller was a sociology professor at John Carroll University for 12 years before retiring in 1989.