Given to a senior or seniors with a high grade point average who also is/are motivated, enthusiastic, and involved in sociological activities. To be considered, students must have a 3.0 minimum grade point average; be dependable and cooperative; exhibit good citizenship, leadership, school support, and enthusiasm; be an example to other students; have a positive attitude, and act responsibly.

2018 Amy Kato and Kelsey Sprenger 

2017 Marina Leanne Giannirakis
2016 Justin R. Carbone
2015 Aubrey A. Zupancic (co-awardee)
2015 Kenneth A. Farona (co-awardee)
2014 Rachael A. Greuber
2013 Lyn Lawson
2012 Francisco J. Lopez
2011 Janice M. McGowan (co-awardee)
2011 Amanda M. Papa (co-awardee)
2010 Joseph J. Merry
2009 Samantha L. Cocco
2008 Alison Cyperski
2007 Mary Ellen Madden
2006 Alia M. Almashni (co-awardee)
2006 Lea R. Ogand (co-awardee)
2005 Cara E. Nikolajski
2004 Zachary R. Hooker
2003 Caitlin J. Rohrer
2002 Jessica L. Margoc
2001 Melissa B. Garba
2000 Elaine F. Hocevar
1999 Kathleen R. Catanese
1998 Erica Dinger
1997 Erin E. O’Brien
1996 Marnie M.Salupo
1995 Jacquelin M. Liautaud

Robert B. Carver was a sociology professor at John Carroll University for 30 years before retiring in 1985.