The Criminology Track is recommended for students interested in crime, forensics, law, police work and criminal justice. Internships are available to seniors in their spring semester and students will be matched to an internship site based upon their career interests.

Track Requirements (18-19 credit hours)

Tier I: Introductory Criminology Courses (select one)

  • SC 230 Deviant Behavior
  • SC 240 Criminology

Tier II: Special Topics in Criminology (select one)

  • SC 220 Criminal Justice Systems
  • SC 265 Victims of Crime
  • SC 275 Family Violence
  • SC 280 Crime and Globalization

Tier III: Additional Sociology Courses (select one)

  • SC 215 Individual and Society
  • SC 225 Sociology of the Family
  • SC 330 Social Stratification
  • SC 360 Urban Society

Tier IV: Advanced Topics in Criminology (select one)

  • SC 340 Juvenile Delinquency
  • SC 343 Drugs and Crime
  • SC 345 Corrections
  • SC 365 Corporate Crime
  • SC 388 Forensic Science in Criminal Justice

Tier V: Summary Courses in Criminology (select two)

  • SC 435 Law and Criminal Justice Policy
  • SC 440 Violence and Society
  • SC 494 Internship and Seminar in Criminology