The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Administration at JCU

The Sociology and Criminology Department was a founding member and is a participating department in the new Master of Arts in Nonprofit Administration. This program directly addresses the University’s overall educational mission to develop women and men with the knowledge and character to lead and serve.

  • The Nonprofit Administration program is intended for those who have or expect to have careers managing or administering nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to people in need.
  • It is an interdisciplinary professional degree program housed in the social sciences. Faculty from 10 different departments of the University, including the Boler School of Business offer coursework in the program.
  • The program prepares people to better serve their organizations and their communities by teaching approaches to leadership, team-building skills, ethical values and practices, nonprofit financial and resource management models, and strategic planning procedures among other practical administrative tools used in nonprofit organizations.
  • For further information contact: The JCU Graduate School (216.397.4284), or visit the Nonprofit Administration homepage for specific information on the Nonprofit Administration program.

Program with the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (M-SASS) Case Western Reserve University

  • A special agreement with M-SASS allows qualified students to enroll in the Master of Social Work program at the end of their junior year at JCU.
  • Successful completion of this program results in a B.A. degree from JCU and a Master in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University in five years instead of six years.
  • For further information contact: Phyllis Braudy Harris, Ph.D., professor and chair, Department of Sociology and Criminology (