Full-time Faculty

  • Medora W. Barnes
    Area of expertise: Sociology of the Family, Intersections of Family and Work, Sex and Gender, Social Psychology, Cultural Sociology, Women and Health
  • Richard D. Clark
    Area of expertise: Victimology, Juvenile Delinquency, Restorative Justice, and Human Rights
  • Duane Dukes
    Area of expertise: Sexuality, Deviance, Violence, Applied Sociology, Natural Disasters, Research Methodology, Social Service Planning, Criminal Justice Planning, and Community Policing
  • Kenneth Eslinger
    Area of expertise: The Family, Social Structure and Processes
  • Phyllis “Penny” Braudy Harris
    Area of expertise: Aging Studies, Alzheimer's disease and Caregiving, Gender Issues, Poverty, and Counseling
  • Susan Orpett Long
    Area of expertise: Japan, China, Anthropology, Sex and Gender, Public Health, and Medicine and Culture
  • Gloria S. Vaquera
    Area of expertise: Race and Ethnicity and Sociology of Education
  • Wendy A. Wiedenhoft
    Area of expertise: Sociological Theory, Environmental Sociology, and Sociology of Consumption
  • Ernest De Zolt
    Area of expertise: Criminology, Criminal Justice Studies, and Deviant Behavior

Part-time Faculty

Gary Alvord, J.D.
Ernest De Zolt, Ph.D.
Nancy Dukes, M.A.
Timothy Fenske, M.A.
Juan C. Hernandez, J.D.
Elaine Hocevar, Ph.D.
James Murphy, M.A.
Patrick Nicolino, M.A.
Donna Rumenik, Ph.D.
Daniel Winterich, J.D.

Office hours by appointment. Call 216.397.4381 or see current syllabus for contact information.


Louise Fazekas Barmann
Department Secretary, Webmaster, Office Manager