Center for Service & Social Action


Service Expectations

The Center for Service and Social Action believes that service activities coordinated between our office, service participants (JCU students, staff, or alumni), community partners, and service-learning faculty members are most successful when all the parties involved have a clear understanding of the expectations associated with the service.

Service participants will:

  • Enroll for service on the CSSA website.
  • Fulfill all mandatory requirements and/or training for your service activity (if any) by the deadline indicated.
  • Participate in the service activity for which you have registered.
  • Sign in/out on the Service Hour Tracking Sheet at your service site and/or in the van (if transportation is provided).
  • Behave professionally: comply with the dress and conduct codes and respect the confidentiality standards of your site.
  • Notify CSSA at at least 24 hours in advance of an absence.
  • Communicate with CSSA about your service experience.

The Center for Service and Social Action will:

  • Support and facilitate all components of the service participant, faculty, and community partner relationship.
  • Host and conduct pre-service orientation sessions for service participants.
  • Provide access to all pre-service training and requirements.
  • Coordinate service participants’ enrollment and registration for service via the online system.
  • Provide transportation to and from most service sites.
  • Track service hours for participants.
  • Publicize service opportunities and provide service information through our website and monthly e-newsletter.
  • Maintain regular contact with service participants.
  • Seek and respond to feedback from service participants.