Center for Service & Social Action

We the People Service-Learning Program

You can choose from one of these unique tutoring experiences:

We the People is a 5th grade tutoring program that brings JCU tutors into classrooms in Cleveland and East Cleveland to educate elementary students about the US Constitution and citizenship.  JCU tutors, in teams of three or four, go to their designated classroom weekly to teach lessons based on the We the People textbook.  Tutors meet regularly with their teams and submit lesson plans weekly.  JCU tutors assist in preparing the students for the JCU Mock Congressional Hearing held at John Carroll each May.

The material I am teaching the kids also relate back to the material I’m learning at Carroll, especially in my Poli Sci, Sociology, and Communication classes.  I am always able to bring up situations from service in my classes.”—Betsy ‘15

Youth for Justice is a new to JCU tutoring program in which JCU tutors, in groups of three or four, visit 8th grade classrooms weekly to promote active citizenship and awareness of their ability to effect change in their local community. Students identify an injustice or problem in the community and, with the assistance of JCU tutors, research the issue, develop an action plan, and create a proposed solution to present to a panel of judges at the Youth for Justice Symposium at John Carroll in May.

Project Citizen is an exciting high school program in which JCU tutors work alongside tenth grade students to research and prepare a proposed policy change on an issue that they identify as a problem in their community.  Tutors, working in small teams, discuss policy as well as solutions and assist in teaching research and presentation skills during their weekly visits to the high schools.  Students present their proposed policy change to a panel of judges at the Project Citizen Presentation Day at John Carroll in May.

“This project has taught me that a person’s voice can really inspire change.” — Carman ‘15


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For more information, please email, call 216.397.4698, or stop by the CSSA office at AD 32.