Looking for something great to do this summer? The FEST is looking for interns to join the team that puts together an amazing event! Interns serve in many various ways throughout the summer – giving talks to parishes and schools, organizing various areas of the FEST, helping in the office with day-to-day tasks, representing the FEST at various area events, and much more. See below for details about the various roles the FEST is looking to fill.

The FEST internship is a guaranteed way to spend your summer doing something new and exciting each day, and working to create an event that inspires and energizes tens of thousands of people. For more information or to set up an interview, please email caitlin@thefest.us by May 1st!

Video Intern:

The FEST is looking for an intern to be responsible for FEST video materials. Intern will need to do video, edit, and produce compelling videos that tell the story of the FEST. These videos are essential in spreading the message for this great event to 40,000 people across northeast Ohio!

Event-Planning Intern:

Join the FEST team to help coordinate logistics, work with vendors, and organize details to put on an event for 40,000 people across northeast Ohio! This internship will give you first-hand event planning experience and an opportunity to assist with the many different pieces that go into this great event!

Marketing/Communications Intern:

Help market an event for 40,000 people across northeast Ohio through social media, print media, and mailings! Spend your summer working to create and advertise a great day for families and individuals across the region!

Retreat & Liturgy Intern:

The FEST is looking for an intern to assist with the liturgical aspects of this great event and the various liturgies, retreats, events, etc. leading up to the FEST. Spend your summer helping to plan a great event to bring together 40,000 people for a faith-filled, inspiring day for all!