The Center for Service and Social Action recognizes the daily actions of our student workers that go “above and beyond” their duties in the CSSA. Students receiving this recognition are “ABCs in Service” for going Above and Beyond in the CSSA. As the ABCs are the foundation of learning, these student workers and their actions act as the foundation of our department, allowing it to run smoothly and effectively.

Entering the Drawing
Staff members must recognize a student’s actions and enter one to three tickets into the monthly drawing on behalf of the student. Students cannot enter the drawing themselves but can ask staff members to enter them into the drawing for a completed action. The number of tickets placed in the drawing is determined by the action and on an individual basis by the recognizing staff member, in part using the criteria below:

  • Staffing a CSSA table in the atrium or AD building when requested
  • Picking up a one-time service project
  • Promoting CSSA on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) (limit of two tickets per month)
    • Using the #seeservice hashtag appropriately on student’s own Instagram or Twitter (when taking pictures and posting to student’s own social media accounts, student should NOT include faces of any service participants)
    • Tweeting @CSSAJCU appropriately
    • Favoriting or retweeting a @CSSAJCU tweet
    • Liking or sharing a CSSA Facebook status
    • Tagging CSSA in a post on Facebook appropriately
  • Picking up a sub drive, extra office shift, or special assignment for CSSA with more than 24 hours’ notice
  • Picking up a sub drive, extra office shift, or special assignment for CSSA with LESS than 24 hours’ notice (TWO tickets!)
  • Picking up two of more sub drives in one week (THREE tickets!)

If any student is found to have missed an academic requirement to perform any of the above actions, he or she will be disqualified for the drawing for the month.

Selecting Winners

A member of the CSSA staff will perform the drawing. The drawing will take place on the last day of every month when classes are in session, at 11:55am. Any students are welcome to be present for the drawing but it is not necessary for a student to be present in order for his or her name to be drawn. Any un-drawn raffle tickets will be discarded after every drawing. There is no limit to how many times a student may have his or her name drawn in one academic year.

The student whose name is drawn will receive one coupon for the equivalent of one coffee and one bagel with cream cheese, up to a $3.99 value. The student will also be recognized on Instagram and Twitter.