Center for Service & Social Action


The Center for Service and Social Action believes that service activities coordinated between our office, service participants (JCU students, staff, or alumni), community partners, and service-learning faculty members are most successful when all parties involved have a clear understanding of the expectations associated with the service.

Service-learning faculty will:

  • Contact CSSA at 216.397.4698 or to enroll as a service-learning faculty member.
  • Identify any community issues and preferred service sites or service activities relevant to your course.
  • Discuss with your students your expectations, goals, and requirements for the service-learning component of your course.
  • Provide your students with reflection activities or structured class discussions to give them an opportunity to share their service experiences and integrate them into the course content.
  • Contact CSSA immediately should you become aware of any problem with a student’s service site.
  • Communicate with CSSA about your service-learning experience.

The Center for Service and Social Action will:

  • Assist faculty with service-learning course development or re-design of traditional courses.
  • Suggest relevant and appropriate community partner sites and/or projects.
  • Facilitate campus/community partnerships.
  • Promote and publicize service-learning courses to students.
  • Coordinate student service schedule, pre-service orientations and provide access to pre-requisite trainings and special testing.
  • Provide transportation to and from sites.
  • Track service hours for all participants enrolled through CSSA.
  • Seek and respond to feedback and maintain regular contact with service participants, faculty members, and community partners.
  • Conduct post-service evaluations of student service-learners.