There are numerous benefits for organizations that partner with university-based service and community-based learning programs:

  • Engagement with students provides communities with an opportunity to shape students’ values and to prepare them for civic participation and engagement after graduation.
  • Organizations have the opportunity to mentor and develop potential leaders of nonprofit organizations.
  • University cooperation can support a community’s efforts to address social issues and problems by helping to build capacity and provide resources.
  • Student volunteers are able to meet specific or on-going needs of organizations and help complete projects for community benefit.
  • Involvement in the life of a university can raise awareness about a community partners’ work and services among students, faculty and staff, and the larger university community.
  • Experiential education programs help partners establish access to other resources available at the university and can foster relationships with other partner organizations.

By partnering with the Center for Service and Social Action at John Carroll University, community organizations can also benefit our JCU students through enhancing students’ academic learning with “real world” experiences, deepening their sense of civic engagement and community identity, expanding their cultural awareness and appreciation, and cultivating important critical-thinking skills.