Centered in the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching in dialogue with the contemporary Jesuit commitment to a faith that does justice, the Center for Service and Social Action seeks to educate for justice by offering opportunities for learning through service and advocacy. The Center connects the campus with the community through sustained partnerships that enable us to realize the Jesuit goal of developing well-educated men and women who understand what it means to stand in solidarity with those living in poverty and on the margins; to engage in ongoing reflection; and to build a more just and humane society.

Core Values:

The Center for Service and Social Action of John Carroll University strives to:

  • Promote academic excellence through service-learning
  • Encourage deliberation to challenge uncritical assumptions about the lives of others, especially those living in poverty and on the margins.
  • Promote reflection among people of all faiths & those of no faith about the meaning of service in their lives
  • Develop an awareness of one’s civic responsibility
  • Engage service participants in advocacy work that fosters solidarity
  • Encourage work that advances the promotion of justice and social action
  • Create a genuine understanding of others’ lived experiences through significant, ongoing personal interactions
  • Encourage participants to reflect on how their service experience informs their vocation
  • Cultivate a culture of service among the members of the John Carroll University community