Center for Service & Social Action

Advisory Board

     Sr. Katherine Feely, SND
          Director, Center for Service and Social Action

     Rich Clark, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminology
          Director, Peace Justice and Human Rights
    Thea Ford, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Education
     Nathan Gehlert, Ph.D.
         Assistant Professor, Counseling
     Phyllis Braudy Harris, Ph.D.
          Professor & Chair, Sociology & Criminology
     Erin Johnson, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Biology
     James Krukones, Ph.D.
          Associate Academic Vice President
     Tracy Masterson, Ph.D.
         Associate Professor, Psychological Science
     Malia McAndrew, Ph.D.
         Associate Professor, History
         Director, Arrupe Scholars
     Sheila McGinn, Ph.D.
         Chair, Theology and Religious Studies
     Paul V. Murphy, Ph.D.
          Director, Institute of Catholic Studies
     Debby Rosenthal, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, English
     Jackie Schmidt, Ph.D.
          Professor, Communication & Theatre Arts
     Mark Storz, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Education
          Director, Early College Program
     Mark Waner, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor, Chemistry
     Mariah Webinger, Ph.D.
          Assistant Professor, Accountancy

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