On Wednesday, March 26th, Eliza Bryant Village needs our help.

Eliza Bryant Village became the first African-American nursing home in the country in 1896, and has evolved into a comprehensive provider of geriatric services including adult day care, transportation, well seniors, community services, senior housing and skilled nursing care, for more than 800 seniors each year in the Hough area of Cleveland.

On March 26th, EBV will be moving the residents of four units into new rooms. Between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, EBV staff and volunteers will move the residents’ belongings and clean the rooms, but JCU volunteers are needed in two-hour shifts to help transport the residents from their rooms to a multi-purpose room where they will stay for 1-2 hours. After transporting the residents, JCU volunteers are needed to ease their minds as they wait for this transition to be over – in other words, entertain them!

The options for entertainment are endless:

  • Engage residents in a game of bingo
  • Help residents make crafts
  • Engage them in conversation
  • Sing as a group; not a great singer? Even better – the residents love to watch a group practice a number, mess up, and be silly.
  • Perform a short skit or one-act play (the funnier, the better!)

JCU will provide transportation to and from Eliza Bryant – approximately at 30-minute drive – and the shifts are two hour long (three hours including travel time).

Sign up now using the form below. Email service@jcu.edu with any questions.