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Who We Are


Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens

The Cardinal Suenens Center honors the life and work of Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens (1904-1996), Archbishop of Malines Brussels and Primate of Belgium.

For twenty wonderful years we were housed at John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio.

To respond to Cardinal Suenens’ passionate interest in the education and formation of seminarians and priests, the Center has hosted three major conferences – one each in Leuven (Belgium), Rome (Italy) and Chicago (USA).  More information about these conferences and other activities, may be found by using links listed below.

Following our inaugural conference, “Retrieving Charisms for the 21st Century,” held at John Carroll University in 1996, the Cardinal Suenens Center at John Carroll University has been supported principally through the generosity of Mrs. Margaret F. Grace of New York.

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