Safe Zone


  1. Cleveland adopts transgender-friendly bathroom ordinance

    Cleveland City Council on Wednesday passed legislation empowering transgender people to choose whichever restroom, shower or locker room aligns with their gender identity, without fear of discrimination. The measure was introduced in 2013 as part of a package of ordinances that update the city’s existing anti-discrimination laws to include the transgender community. The legislation removes […]

  2. Safety Tips

    Hate and bias violence in its many forms is used by individuals and groups to cause harm to and instill the message of hate and fear throughout a community. All too often this leaves LGBTQI people feeling they have to rebuild their sense of safety and security on their own. We know that here in […]

  3. How to Help the Victims of the Pulse Orlando Nightclub Shooting

    The gunman who opened fire at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning left about 50 people dead and dozens more injured, flooding hospitals with those who were hurt. As federal and local authorities continued to investigate the attack at the Pulse Orlando club, people across the city and the country mourned the […]