Director of Radio Station

Degrees: B.A. Simon’s Rock College of Bard; M.A. Stanford University

Expertise: Radio Broadcasting, Audio Production

Trent Kay Maverick was born and raised in Cleveland and grew up listening to WJCU, John Carroll’s college radio station. She kept on listening no matter where she was living — New York City, Boston, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Japan — and the station must have pulled her back, because she now lives less than two miles from her childhood home.

Trent earned her bachelor’s degree at Simon’s Rock College of Bard (which is now called Bard College at Simon’s Rock, but wasn’t when Trent went there, and Trent is particular about such things), a tiny liberal arts college in the Berkshire mountains where the only eating establishment open past 10pm is the gas station slushie machine. At “the Rock,” Trent majored in linguistics, studied Hawaiian language, wrote a creative fiction thesis, and spoke on behalf of her class at commencement.

Trent joined KZSU 90.1FM as a Stanford graduate student and has been bonkers for college and noncommercial radio ever since. At KZSU, she served as Music Director, djed a late night indie rock show, and finally learned how to use a 45 adapter. After advising an afterschool broadcasting club for middle school students, Trent realized what she loved most about radio was bringing new djs into the fold, building students’ skills and confidence, and helping people create great content.

Before landing at WJCU, Trent had a brief second life in computer science education… and she still reads XKCD to prove it. She developed curriculum and outreach strategies for Google and, and taught CS at both the middle school and high school level. Somewhere in between she spent a year in Japan teaching English and eating all the food.

When she’s not in her O’Malley office, Trent manages WJCU from the station’s basement studios in the D.J. Lombardo Student Center. In the summer you can still hear Trent on the airwaves as Merricat McGee, spinning new wave and goth rock on her show Blank Wave Arcade.