My name is Natalie Wilson and I am a 2007 JCU graduate from the department of Communication and Theatre Arts.  I am a full time freelance theater artist working in the Twin Cities.  I primarily stage manage, but have also been hired as a director, assistant director, stagehand, electrician and surtitle operator, amoung other roles.  I have had the great fortune in my career to work with some incredible, highly respected theater companies that offer really inspiring work.  As a freelance artist with my resume, I am now being sought after.  This gives me freedom to work exclusively with companies that I am inspired by with missions that I want to help fullfill.  I have also had the amazing opportunity to travel with my craft.  I have gone on national tours and spent significant time in Thailand creating art and educating people.

As a graduate of John Carroll’s Communication Department, I was given a distinct advantage in my field.  I am well rounded and have academic and professional curiosity.  these skills were nurtured and developed through the Theatre Arts program at John Carroll.  During my time at JCU I was able to try on every different role in the theater.  From carpentry to stage management, directing to scenic design, I was given both hands on training and rigorous academic exploration.  I was able to develop both professional and academic relationships within the department.  I was already working on professional shows before I left JCU.  The professional experience on my resume was key in finding work in a new city.  I owe much of my drive and expertise to the professors in the Communication department.  They truly inspired and empowered me to seek out a professional theater career, a choice that many do not make for fear of failure.  JCU empowered me to have big dreams with the patience and aptitude to make those dreams come true.