Frequently Asked Questions about
Promoting with WJCU-FM

Q: Can I buy ad time on WJCU for my home business or my department?

A: No, as a Non Commercial/Educational licensed FM broadcaster, WJCU is prohibited from selling or carrying commercial advertising. That means we cannot engage in calls to action, claims of value, or sales price information – even if we don’t charge a fee.

Q: Can WJCU help promote my department’s or group’s event?

A: The short answer is YES, but only if the event is of interest to and open to the general public.

WJCU regularly performs public service event promotion for non-profits and naturally that includes this university. Typically, these are 30 second informational announcements that are rotated regularly across all programming in all day-parts.

Because WJCU is a full service licensed FM broadcast facility with coverage throughout the Cleveland metro market, we reach tens of thousands of unique individuals in any single month, the vast majority of which have no direct affiliation with the university. Thus, WJCU is willing and able to promote ANY campus-related event PROVIDING that event is of interest to and open to the general public, our target audience.

Examples: Guest lectures, films, musical performances, plays, workshops, tournaments, open houses, etc., that are open to the general public

Q: So what do I have to do to schedule a Community Event PSA on WJCU?

A: Simply email Trent Kay Maverick ( with your request, and provide the vital who, what, where, why, and when information.  Because announcements are limited to 30 seconds in length, your message will contain little more than the essentials, so it’s always wise to include an easy to remember web site or phone number where people can go for more detailed information.  We will write your copy to fit our format, and then produce and run the announcement.  Typically, we drop or add these announcements weekly, usually on Friday.

We do require about a 3 week lead time in order to assure effective reach for these announcements, so be sure to work well ahead of your event date.

Q: So there’s no cost to the sponsoring department of organization?

A: That’s right – there’s never a charge for our PSA’s – though we do welcome support from our listeners and community partners via our donor program!

Q: Is it true that WJCU can provide DJ’s & equipment for entertainment at on-campus events?

A: Yes, providing that we can find a WJCU staff volunteer to help out your organization and operate our equipment. For that reason we suggest you submit your request well in advance. Please note that WJCU does not loan its equipment, so our ability to respond depends on the availability of a staff volunteer.

Q: How do I make such a request?

A: Simply email Trent Kay Maverick (, she will forward your request to the appropriate WJCU director.

Q: Is there a charge?

A:  No, this is just another service we extend to our campus. Of course, we do accept donations to help defray the cost of equipment and its maintenance.  Virtually all of WJCU’s capital expenses are met with donations from our listeners and supporters in the community.