Most semesters, the Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts offers courses under the banner of CO 399. The content of these courses varies widely, but usually reflects new courses or areas of study being developed by the CO faculty. While there may not be a prerequisite for a particular course, seminar/special topic courses are most suitable for junior and senior year students. Check the course bulletin each semester as you plan your classes, as these courses can be an excellent addition to the regular CO courses offered. Special Courses, Seminars, Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Studies in Honor of Tim Russert
  • British Theatre Experience
  • Seminar: Film Directing

Special topics offered in the past and those currently offered are the following:

  • Sports Writing: Learn the latest use of twitter and the Internet used to keep Cleveland Sports fans up to date. This class will allow students to gain practice writing sports articles and learning how the business as a whole has evolved. 
  • Consumer Insights: This course will teach students to develop the skills necessary to target and understand audiences in integrated marketing communication. The course focuses on an understanding of demographic and psychographic characteristics of an audience and using that information to create effective communications
  • Totally iPad Journalism: Student will use their own iPads, provided by the department, by doing individual and team assignments that incorporate traditional and basic multimedia storytelling techniques and tools including writing for the web, audio and video recording, blogging, and the use of social media for news gathering and presentation.
  • Communication in Health Settings: This class provides an investigation of the interpersonal communication processes that influence and/or are influenced by health and health contexts. Topics would include physician patient communication, family and friend communication, and the influence of each on health care, health outcomes, and the management of health.